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We live within the Digital Age. It lives within our homes, offices, vehicles, and held in the palms of our hands. We communicate and entertain ourselves through the digital conversion of phenomena and information. Yet, within our expanding digital matrix, humans remain neuro-biochemical organisms with embodied perception. We accept the limitations of digital media, knowing it lacks the ability to create our deepest connections with life and nature, but within our deeper-self, we crave more. As technology is perfecting its ability to display life through media, instead of growing more satisfied, we have ironically begun to recognize a growing separation between the simulated and the real with more sensitivity. This expanding awareness engenders an internal growing biological-scrutiny, and with it, a deepening craving for biological connection.

Enter Hypnos Virtual and its commitment to being the developer and pioneer of "digital-neruolimbic aromatherapy".

Science has confirmed that our connection to nature, to life itself, is not only therapeutic but essential for optimum health and happiness. It is this inherent human need that draws us to seek biological unity within our Digital Age.

Hypnos helps restore this biological need into our lives through the creation of bio-data streams of media-synchronized bio-aroma molecules and nature shaped scalar-wave frequencies. This Hypnos bio-data communicates with our brains, nervous and limbic systems, creating a unique physiological connection that immerses us into the experience; an experience that fulfills our inner craving for a connection to life.

Welcome to the Future of Media. Welcome to Hypnos.

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