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Hypnos brings the therapeutic properties of forests and plants into our modern media systems.

Long before "Meta", Hypnos Virtual built the bio-digital platform for the Metaverse.

Meet the team

meet the team-hypnos 2

Hypnos was founded by Michael "Kaz" Scarzello-Kaczkowski, a former NYC artist, medical inventor, and prosthetic skin manufacturing pioneer. In 2014 Kaz started assembling an eclectic team of engineers, physicians, aroma chemists, and naturalists to help develop the Scentscape Bio-Media technology; that mission is now accomplished - a fulfillment of a dream that originated over 30 years ago in a Manhattan West Village Art Studio.


In his NYC Art Studio, Kaz creates nature-simulation machines/ kinetic art sculptures of various kinds - designed of custom built electronics, mechanics, and natural elements that actively simulated the movements of nature.


One of Kaz's Early Virtual Nature Kinetic Art Creations, "Raining Window".

Now part of the permanent collection of School of Visual Arts in NYC


Kaz creates the world's first Bio Virtual Reality machine, incorporating organic forest bio-aromas, 3D stereography, wind, and nature surround audio. Coin activated unit auto-adjusted to user's eyes and provided an auto-timed Bio-Virtual Nature experience.

kaz-vr-1991-w-subject - high-smile.jpeg

Copyright © 1991 Michael D. Kaczkowski

First Bio-Virtual Reality Machine as seen on display in Manhattan's West Village 1991


Kaz focuses nature-mimicking-obsession into life-like prosthetic skin technologies designed to mimic "living nature" (human skin and prosthetic eyes). Creates multiple companies, new technologies, clinics, manufacturing operations, and world-wide distribution networks that treated patients throughout the world, including internationally known celebrities and world leaders.


Kaz putting final touches on a facial prosthesis in clinic

nose prosthesis-before-and-after-special-forces-vetern.jpg

Kaz's prosthetic skin technology fools Government biometric scanning. FBI hires Kaz to help them improve biometic technology; works with FBI Agent and creates "special FBI agent finger".


Having achieved many of his life's goals, Kaz flies to the island of Bali to meet with world-renowned success authority, Jack Canfield, to soul-search and explore his next entrepreneurial steps. Bathed within the exotic environments of Hindu temples, un-exploited beaches, and raw nature, he re-discovers his heart's desire to build Bio-Virtual Travel Devices so everyone can travel the world and experience the feeling of "being there". His vision of "Bio-Media" is organized beyond his archetypal 1990's machines.



Research into aroma chemistry and computer controlled aroma emission begins from within his R&D company, Kaczkowski, Inc.


With the release of the Oculus Rift SDK, Kaz invests in VR technology; assembles team of engineers, coders, aroma scientists, perfumers, medical professionals, and naturalists to advise and help develop technology.


Incorporates "Hypnos VR".

First prototypes are created. Beta testing confirms user-experience must follow Kaz's original 1990s vision and remain "Bio" for true well-being experiences that are exciting, transformative, bio-immersive and therapeutic.


Bio-Media Scentrac Technology Developed

2018 to 2019

Creates Scentscape Cinema model. Develops multiple model units of various sizes, all with neuroscience verified bio-chemistry containing plant & flower essences, forest terpenes, and cannabinoids.

Youtube and Vimeo Integration accomplished, per Jon Steinberg.

kaz and jon steinberg1-small.jpg

Attracts the eye of Cheddar Inc. Founder & CEO, Jon Steinberg. Meet at Cheddar Headquarters in NYC. It was due to Jon's recommendation that Scentscape has Youtube and Vimeo Integration.


Creates Bio-Identical Virtual Nature technology, enabling the ability for Scentscape to produce Bio-Identical forest and nature atmospheres.


Hypnos Virtual Inc. (dbas: Hypnos VR, Hypnos Medical, and Scentscape) is formed; becomes open to outside investors.

Creates Medical Division, Hypnos Medical, bringing the Hypnos Bio-Media airstream into clinic environments.

hypnos medical asset screenshot phone and medical.jpg


BlissThera Forest Medicine forms. Multiple clinic locations grow, offering Forest Medicine and Virtual Nature Therapy Treatments to patients built on the Hypnos technology.



BlissThera™ Virtual Nature Therapy merges the heritage of Forest Medicine Therapy with the innovative realm of VR technology. Scientifically formulated natural forest botanicals infuse patients’ personal atmospheres, making every breath a true connection with nature -  providing swift feelings of wellness that exceed the effects of spending weeks in a natural forest setting, a groundbreaking dimension in alternative medicine therapies that elevates patients’ therapeutic journeys.


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