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The Future of Media

Bio-Immersive Media System

bio-media Scentrac Technology

The Future of Media must do more than just 'show-and-tell', but take us to wherever we want to go.

A cross-platform smart technology, Scentscape works with TVs, computers, smartphones, VR headsets, or by itself. The Scentscape Experience is not only about "smell" - it's a revolutionary new form of media called Bio-Media™.

A disruptor technology, Scentscape redefines reality by adding neuroscience-based mood-making bio-aromas to every human experience, making it the bio-digital platform of the Metaverse. 

Within the  Scentscape™ system, Bio-Media is experienced as an aromatic “Scent track” that is continually changing like a cinematic musical score; it’s a totally unique experience allowing us to experience media like never before - delivering bio-aromatic immersive experiences that transform streaming, shared, and live events across all media channels, including AR & VR - and of course, the Metaverse.

Bio-Immersive VR / Metaverse
Bio-Immersive VR - Scentscape bio-immersive telepresence technology


Scentscape Neuroscience-based VR is "Bio-Teleportation" Technology. It makes the brain think you are actually in the VR simulation.

We call this feeling, "Bio-Immersion".


Welcome to the future of media.  Welcome to 

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