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Bio-Media Digital Botanical Systems

High concentrations of plant essences and terpenes present in forest atmospheres have been shown to have positive health benefits and are the inspiration behind Hypnos's Green-tech mood-uplifting Bio-Media Technology.

Clinical terpene inhalation has its modern origins in Japan’s practice of Shinrin-Yoku, which translates to “forest bathing” or “absorbing the forest atmosphere”. This developed from Japanese clinical trials that proved the benefits of breathing terpene-rich atmospheres found in forests and is now a government-sanctioned public health practice in Japan.

“Just like forest atmospheres, cannabis contains a wide variety of terpenes which is a large part of why cannabis helps so many patients,” says Dr. Brian Nichol, Hypnos’ Chief Medical Officer, and Medical Director.

Cannabis contains an abundance of medically beneficial constituents that modern science has learned to isolate, creating a new age for sophisticated medical treatments for this ancient medication. The Hypnos Cannabis Lab device takes 21st-century bio-isolate technology and merges it with the digital age, enabling smartphone and VR controlled administration of natural plant-derived cannabinoids, terpenes, and essences to produce targeted physiological and psychological effects for medical and health benefits as well as entertainment purposes. The ability to integrate digital media & VR with organic isolates to produce real clinical effects creates an entirely unique and immersive experience as well as the opportunity for the Cannabis Industry at large to expand its reach into the digital world to create a “Cannabis Metaverse”.


Hypnos’ Cold Atomization Technology allows cannabinoids, terpenes, and plant essences to be efficiently delivered in their original form, at full potency without the chemical degradation which occurs when heating. The modular design of the system’s proprietary cartridges allow the user to install different cannabinoid, terpene and plant extract cartridges which are then computer-mixed and administered according to user-selected algorithms to produce the desired effects. The combinations range from reproducing a favorite cannabis strain to “meta-strains” that nature is unable to grow in a single plant, resulting in many effects never before possible. The various combinations and effects produced by the Hypnos medical cannabis system are practically infinite.

Digital Neurolimbic Aromatherapy Systems

Go outside... without going outside​

Virtual Nature & Bio-Telepresence

Bridging the gap between technology and the natural world

In 1982, the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries created the term Shinrin-Yoku, which translates to “forest bathing” or “absorbing the forest atmosphere.” Forest-Exposure Therapy is practiced worldwide and is considered a proven health improvement therapy by the Japanese government. While most people are not able to take a trip to a forest or scenic nature location whenever they want, Scentscape's Bio-Identical Virtual Forests and Virtual Nature immerses users into aromatic forests, woods, beaches, rainforests, and many other scenic nature settings that are uncannily life-like and provide the same health-nurturing natural terpenes and essences that are emitted within forest atmospheres. This therapeutic exposure also enables the mind and body to feel like "you're really there."

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Nature and forest atmospheres are filled with natural Terpene molecules that provide many therapeutic benefits

But what makes Scentscape's Virtual Nature "Bio-Identical Virtual Nature" is the sophistication of nature molecule control within the unit. Such control is especially felt by the technology's ability to create the same atmospheric terpene profiles of dozens of Forests throughout the world, enabling a true bio-immersion telepresence experience into each particular forest and feel the unique therapeutic benefits.


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