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Scentscape Bio-media scentrac technology

Scentscape is a new Immersive Aroma Solution that creates amazingly realistic virtual environments:

  • Virtual World Travel

  • Cinema Scentracks

  • Virtual Nature & Forests 

  • Cuisines of the World

  • Flower Gardens

  • Fantasy & SciFI

  • Cityscapes

  • Mood Uplift integration

Immersive VR - Scentscape-hypnos_Virtual.jpeg

Works with Screens, VR, gaming, audio or alone

Using neuroscience based bio-chemistry, the Scentscape Bio-Media airstream also uplifts mood, heightening customer pleasure

​Technical Overview

  • Cross-platform API

  • Fully customizable for your Attraction Needs

  • Millions of Aroma combinations

  • Quarter-second precision control 

  • User interface enables Scentracking for video, 360, Gaming, VR 

  • VR Ready - “pick up and smell” as well as full environmental triggers 

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