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The natural evolution of media

The Macrocosm, the Microcosm. As Above, So Below.

Hypnos brings the fractal intelligence of nature into our personal worlds.

Nature has been removed from our lives in our high-tech world. Yet, science has shown that plant essences and terpenes present in forest atmospheres are clinically verified to have positive health benefits.

Hypnos brings the power of nature into our lives through the media we use.

Hypnos's Green-tech mood-uplifting Bio-Media Technology is used for many applications - medical, spa therapies, telepresence, productivity enhancement, virtual nature, and entertainment.

Bio-Media even "pulls us into the media itself" through mood-uplifting neuroscience-verified biochemistry, such as forest terpenes, that communicate with the brain for speed-of-light cognitive shifts in perception.

Bio-media is "digital nature"

Hypnos Bio-Media is "digitally controlled nature", and it accomplishes its fascinating neurological influence on the brain by employing neuroscience-verified natural essences “farmed from Earth" and nebulizing them into a "living" media-synced airstream, mixed on-the-fly with quarter-second precision.

Examining Crops
Bio-Media works with all media and various industries
Spa & Wellness
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Immersive VR - 1.jpg
VR / Metaverse
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Aromatherapy Metaverse
Green Media
Bio-Media is Green Media

Hypnos’s Bio-Media is the first and only Green Media in existence. Since Bio-Media is made of plant chemistry and "Farmed from Earth", using Bio-Media reduces the Earth’s carbon footprint and increases atmospheric Oxygen. The more the media is used, the more plants, crops, and forests are planted, the more Carbon is pulled from the atmosphere, and the more Oxygen is created.

Overview of Greenhouse gas emissons
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The Hypnos's Bio-Media Scentrac is experienced as a choreographed "scent track"that is continually changing like a cinematic musical score; it’s a totally unique experience allowing us to experience media like never before - delivering bio-aromatic immersive experiences that transform streaming, shared, and live events across all media channels, including AR & VR - and of course, the Metaverse. It can be Media-Synced with TV, movies, music, VR, AR- or no other media at all. The Scentrac has quarter-second precision technology, and contains the "practical aromatic genome" with millions of aromatic combinations (when experienced with the Scentscape Cinema model. Smaller sized units available and customizable).

Pictured below: There are three main genres of the Scentscape Bio-Media airstream: Ambient, Extra-Diegetic, and Neurolimbic. Each type offers specific functionality, taking the Scentscape technology far beyond any "Smell-o-Vision" concept.

Scentrac Aromatic Breeze.jpeg

Ambient Scentracs (shown on left in the chart above) are what most people think of when thinking of a "Scent Track", but this is only a part of the Scentscape technology. In addition to Scentscape's millions-of-aroma-combinations, Scentscape's neuroscience-based organic chemistry has also developed into a new Art Form that goes far beyond "smell" alone.

Extra-Diegetic Scentrac (middle in chart) is a completely new concept that is best explained in comparison to a movie soundtrack with a musical score. Characters in movies do not "hear" the Extra-Diegetic musical score. Examples are the famous soundtrack from "Jaws", or the inspirational music in "Rocky", or the many musical scores created by John Williams and Hans Zimmer that all play a powerful and critical role in stirring viewers emotions - so we feel the way the director and producers want us to feel (and thus enjoy the movie). Horror movies employ obvious Extra-Diegetic emotional stirring to scare or create tension, often "making or breaking" a movie. Similarly, Hypnos Virtual has developed an Extra-Diegetic Scentrac Artform that stirs and moves viewers' emotions in the desired ways the scent-director (or Scent Poet) wants, often with even more power and influence on the viewer than the musical score.

Neurolimbic Scentracs (on right in chart) are primarily based on Neuroscience data from EEG brain scans. Because these work neurologically through the olfactory system in the upper nose, this is a powerful "speed-of-light cognitive influencer." This influencer is also employed in the Extra-Diegetic and Ambient Scentracs to seamlessly stir and uplift users' emotions. This is explained in the chart above through the use of side arrows. 

Bio-Media Scentrac Explained

Welcome to the future of media.  Welcome to 

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