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bioTripp gives users an immersive bio-aromatic journey in virtual environments, making the experience "come to life" by creating a biological connection through the users' neural-limbic system. Under the hood, Hypnos' Scentphony™ technology is doing all the work, pairing a choreographed and programmable bio-aromatic airstream ( ScenTrac™), with multi-media experiences such as movies and VR.


Scentphony controls hundreds of bio-aroma molecules with quarter-second precision control, creating endless combination chords that create a living and changing Scentscape™  with tailored aromatherapy experiences to alter mood and uplift consciousness.

Hypnos VR

bio-Aromatic Breeze Technology

Technical Overview


  • Emits a choreographed aromatic breeze - the Hypnos Scentrac™ 


  • Controls hundreds of aroma molecules within an internal vortex that mixes the scents together, creating thousands of combination “bio-aromatic chords” with precision quarter-second increment control


  • Multi-platform API software communications

  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) enables user-friendly programmability with video, 360 video, or CGI VR


  • VR Ready - allows for hand control - “pick up and smell” as well as full environmental triggers

“Smell is a potent wizard, it transports us across thousands of miles and all the years that we have lived.”

 - Helen Keller

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