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Bio-Immersive Media System
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Scentrac media-sync Technology

Scentscape is a unique immersive media technology that creates multi-sensuous "Disneyland-level" home cinema experiences using a media-synchronized bio-aromatic airstream.  

Scentscape also creates its own kinds of media experiences such as remarkably lifelike Virtual Travel and Virtual Nature, and at its core, is a sophisticated Home Wellness Technology that has been clinically verified to uplift mood and diminish stress. So it's not just all fun, but also sophisticated "digital neurolimbic aromatherapy" that works with your TV and all your devices - phone, laptop, pad, and VR headset.​

Movie sound-track?... How bout movie scent-Track?!

create your own home movie scentracs with the

scentrac creation studio

...then play them on your TV, computer, or smart device - or on your VR headset

Overview of features

     The technology


Scentscape is smart-hardware that works with your TV, desktop computer, laptop, pad device, smartphone, or VR headset. The "Scentscape Experience" is bio-immersive; it is much more than just digital media like you experience when you watch TV. Scentscape brings bio-sensory data-streams of media-synchronized bio-aroma molecules and nature-shaped scalar-wave frequencies. This “bio-data” is perceived by our brains, nervous and limbic systems, creating a unique physiological connection that immerses us into a bio-digital world. There are three unique bio-data streams engineered into Scentscape:  the Scentrac Media-Sync bio-aromatic airstream, bio-domeScalar-wave frequency broadcaster, and Atmosphere~Breeze which creates a therapeutic natural-atmospheric feeling, making you feel like you're outside in fresh air.


VR?... How bout, "bio-teleportation"

Cross platform. cross function.

Upgrade your exercise

Go outside... without going outside​

Scentscape Virtual Travel and Virtual Nature experiences also function as Home Wellness Technology that is perfect for the Executive Home-Office Suite for the thousands of individuals that now work out of their homes.  The sophisticated "digital neurolimbic aromatherapy" works right at your desk or in the family room on the TV - or on your smartphone, laptop, pad, and VR headset.​ 

"Forest Bathing" therapy (Shirin-Yoku) is a Japanese developed therapeutic forest-exposure therapy practiced worldwide and advocated by many physicians and therapists. Scentscape's "Virtual Forest Bathing" immerses users into neruolimbic aromatic forests, woods, beaches, rainforests, and many other scenic nature settings that are uncannily life-like, causing the mind and body to feel like "you're really there", bridging the gap between technology and the natural world. 


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