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Welcome to the World of Bio-Media

Hypnos's Green-tech mood-uplifting Bio-Media Technology is used for many applications - medical, spa therapies, telepresence, productivity enhancement, virtual nature, entertainment, and of course - the Metaverse.

Bio-Media is "digitally controlled nature" that we experience as a cold-nebulized bio-aromatic airstream. As we breathe, the Bio-Media communicates with our brain and limbic system through nerve cells in the upper nose, enabling a unique physiological connection that immerses us into a bio-digital world.

Bio-Media even "pulls us into the media itself" through mood uplifting neuroscience-verified bio-chemistry, such as forest terpenes, that communicate with the brain for speed-of-light cognitive shifts in perception.

Bio-Media works with all media and various industries
hypnos medical asset screenshot phone and medical.jpg
Home office wellness - 4.jpg
Spa & Wellness
Immersive VR - 1.jpg
VR / Metaverse
Screen Shot 2022-02-17 at 3.47.49 PM.png
Aromatherapy Metaverse

The Future of Media must do more than just 'show-and-tell', but take us to wherever we want to go.


Welcome to the future of media.  Welcome to 

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