The Future of Media

Hypnos is the creator of Bio-Media

Hypnos's Green-tech mood-uplifting Bio-Media Technology is used for many applications - medical, spa therapies, telepresence, productivity enhancement, virtual nature, and entertainment.

Bio-Media is "digitally controlled nature" that we experience as a "living" bio-aromatic airstream. As we breathe, the Bio-Media communicates with our brain and limbic system through nerve cells in the upper nose, enabling a unique physiological connection that immerses us into a bio-digital world.

Bio-Media even "pulls us into the media itself" through mood uplifting neuroscience-verified bio-chemistry, such as forest terpenes, that communicate with the brain for speed-of-light cognitive shifts in perception.

When used within the  Scentscape™ system, Bio-Media is experienced as an aromatic “Scent track” that is continually changing like a cinematic musical score; it’s a totally unique experience allowing us to experience media like never before - delivering bio-aromatic immersive experiences that transform streaming, shared, and live events across all media channels, including AR & VR - and of course, the Metaverse.

The Future of Media must do more than just 'show-and-tell', but take us to wherever we want to go.

Bio-Immersive Media System

bio-media Scentrac Technology

Scentscape Cinema Model
-Overview of features-
Scentscape Live TV A.I. Mode
Go outside... without going outside​
Streaming Bio-Media

Remarkably lifelike Bio-immersion experienced inside without travel- such as Bio-Telepresence, Bio-Virtual Travel, and Bio-Identical Virtual Nature

Movie sound-track?... How bout movie Scent-Track?!

create your own home movie scentracs with the

scentrac creation studio

...then play them on your TV, computer, or smart device - or on your VR headset
Cross platform. Cross function.
Bio-Immersive VR / Metaverse
Bio-Immersive VR - Scentscape bio-immersive telepresence technology


Scentscape Neuroscience-based VR is "Bio-Teleportation" Technology. It makes the brain think you are actually in the VR simulation.

We call this feeling, "Bio-Immersion".


Welcome to the future of media.  Welcome to