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you without boundaries

Bio-Immersive Media System

scentscape is a Bio-Immersive Media System, Cinema, and Virtual Travel System for the executive-level home office suite, and the home TV room. It is the ultimate home office wellness system featuring many immersive programs, including bio-immersive Cinema. As a virtual travel system, it delivers sensuous, highly lifelike natural experiences enables users to connect with these virtual journeys on a biological level, experiencing a unique feeling of “bio-presence teleportation”.

diminish stress, increase mental focus, and rejuvenate, allowing increased productivity and improved feelings of wellbeing. Experience the world, no passport required. Scentscape - You without boundaries.

is a bio-aromatic immersive media system that delivers sensuous, highly lifelike natural experiences that have been clinically verified to uplift mood, diminish stress, increase mental focus, and rejuvenate both mind and body. 

Users will connect with these virtual journeys on a biological level, experiencing Hypnos’ unique “bio-presence teleportation” feeling.

scentscape works with your TV, desktop computer, laptop, pad device, smartphone, or VR headset. It is enjoyed in a seated or reclined position, at your home-office computer, on the couch in front of your TV, in a recliner with your laptop, or anywhere the mood-uplifting Bio-Aromatic Scentrac™ is desired - with or without choreographed visual media display. The Scentscape unit is the size of a nightstand or small coffee table and is easily rolled into any room where the experience is desired.

ScentscapE experiences and programs

scentscape was originally developed as an executive-class corporate therapeutic wellness system to be used in out-of-home locations such as company and government offices, university campuses, medical centers, and upscale wellness spas. Since the growth of high-speed internet and the emergence of a post-COVID paradigm shift, the Home-Office Suite is a prime location for the technology as Scentscape not only functions as a productivity-boosting, stress relieving wellness system, but can also be integrated with digital streaming entertainment and thus shared with the whole family.

All of the Scentscape experiences and programs have a natural therapeutic effect, but certain programs, such as Moodsync™, are designed to target specific therapeutic outcomes such as mood uplift, heightened focus and concentration, increased productivity, stress relief, relaxation, and gamma-wave meditative states. Other programs such as BioTripp Virtual Travel, Shinrin-yoku Virtual Nature Therapy, Scent poetry Cinema, and Dreamfood cuisine experiences, create dynamic experiences that elicit emotion-filled journeys unlike any media experience in existence, often leaving users in a type of "legal-high state" with feelings of inspiration and clarity.

The technology


Naturally, Scentscape offers more than just digital data in the user experience - it also has “bio-data”. There are three unique bio-data streams we engineered into our main system:  the scentrac bio-aromatic airstream, our bio-domescalar-wave frequency broadcaster, and our Atmosphere~Breeze which creates a therapeutic natural-atmospheric feeling within the user experience.

The science

Our Scentrac bio-aromatic airstream is high-tech, so it’s not just about “smell”; it’s about neural-limbic communication. The HYPNOS bio-aromas actually communicate with the brain through nerve cells in the upper nose (olfactory bulb) for speed-of-light cognitive shifts in perception. Electroencephalogram (EEG) research and testing confirm Scentscape Immersive experiencescan actually uplift mood, diminish stress, increase focus, and heighten analytic function - it all depends on what therapy experience the user chooses. We’ve even incorporated blue-tooth EEG to record brainwave activity so users can see real-time changes in their brainwaves - and even interact with them for a virtual reality bio-feedback experience. 


Our bio-dome scalar-wave frequency broadcasting technology brings NASA and Tesla-coil research into practical use by providing the user with earth-based electromagnetic resonance. This technology also helps deflect the surrounding EMF interference from electronics like cell phones, computers, 5G, and WiFi, enabling deeper levels of bio-resonance.


Our Atmosphere~Breeze natural airstream not only creates a natural-atmospheric feeling within the user experience but also releases mood-uplifting air molecules. Net-negative-charged air is created in nature by the effects of water, air, sunlight and the Earth's inherent radiation. That taste in the air and feeling you get at the beach, near a waterfall or after a storm is your body being saturated in the benefits of negative ions. Clinical studies have also shown exposure uplifts mood and even alleviates depression in people suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)*.     

Hypnos VR Scentphony bio-immersion vr navigation room screenshot

bioTrippTM is a virtual travel experience within the SCENTSCAPE system. It enables realistic and life-like journeys to beautiful and exotic locations throughout the world - no passport required. This unique bio-immersion neural-limbic experience enables users to connect with their virtual environment on a mind-body level - creating a magical feeling of "truly being there".

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