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The Future of Media

Hypnos is the creator of Bio-Media

Hypnos's Green-tech mood-uplifting Bio-Media Technology is used for many applications - medical, spa therapies, telepresence, productivity enhancement, virtual nature, and entertainment.


When used within the  Scentscape™ system, Bio-Media is experienced as a bio-aromatic “Scent track” that is continually changing like a cinematic musical score; it’s a totally unique experience allowing us to experience media like never before - delivering bio-aromatic immersive experiences that transform streaming, shared, and live events across all media channels, including AR & VR - and of course, the Metaverse.


Bio-Media even "pulls us into the media itself" through mood uplifting neuroscience-verified bio-chemistry, such as forest terpenes, that communicate with the brain for speed-of-light cognitive shifts in perception.

Bio-Media works with all media and all devices
Home office wellness - 2.jpg
smart devices
Immersive VR - 1.jpg
VR / Metaverse
Home office wellness - 4.jpg
by itself
Bio-Immersive Media System

Scentscape creates immersive media experiences for the home and office that are"Disneyland-level". A disruptor technology, Scentscape™ redefines reality by adding neuroscience-based mood-making aroma to every human experience, making it the bio-digital platform of the Metaverse. 


A a cross-platform smart technology, Scentscape works with TVs, computers, smartphones, VR headsets, or by itself. The Scentscape Experience is not only about "smell" - it uses the Hypnos revolutionary new media called Bio-Media.


Bio-Media is "digitally controlled nature" that we experience as a "living" bio-aromatic airstream. As we breathe, the Bio-Media communicates with our brain and limbic system through nerve cells in the upper nose, enabling a unique physiological connection that immerses us into a bio-digital world.

As a neuroscience-based immersive media technology, it is also clinically verified to uplift mood, diminish stress and modulate mood depending on need and programmed experience.

Scentscape Cinema Model
Overview of features

Go outside... without going outside​

streaming Bio-Media

Scentscape™ also creates its own kinds of media experiences such as remarkably lifelike Bio-Telepresence, Virtual Travel and Bio-Identical Virtual Nature

Movie sound-track?... How bout movie scent-Track?!

create your own home movie scentracs with the

scentrac creation studio

...then play them on your TV, computer, or smart device - or on your VR headset
Cross platform. Cross function.
Bio-Immersive VR / Metaverse
Bio-Immersive VR - Scentscape bio-immersive telepresence technology


Scentscape Neuroscience-based VR is "Bio-Teleportation" Technology. It makes the brain think you are actually in the VR simulation.

We call this feeling, "Bio-Immersion".


Welcome to the future of media.  Welcome to 

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