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virtualizing our world

about Hypnos

HYPNOS is a different kind of virtual reality technology company. We’re not just engineers and coders, but also a team of artists, medical specialists, and nature-loving, adventure-seeking naturalists that not only develop virtual experiences for Enterprise, Government, Medical, and Military markets but also offer custom hardware and software solutions that take the virtual experience beyond the limits of digital immersion. 

As a technology developer, we also build vertical markets based on our unique innovative hardware and software systems.  These in-house developments focus on virtual experiences that influence and uplift mood, stir emotions, and modulate brain waves by providing a neural-limbic connection to the brain through bio-aromatic chemistry and complex waveform pulsed electromagnetic frequency (PEMF) broadcasting. These extra-digital solutions not only evoke cognitive-perceptual modulation but are also used to create the feeling of real-world teleportation, enveloping the user within a state of biological sensuousness, or bio-immersion.

Sunset in Mountain
Baby Elephant
Camel Tour
Yellow Daffodil Close Up
Hypnos Custom Services VR/ar/xr

The HYPNOS team designs virtual and augmented realities for Enterprise, Military, Medical, and Institutional markets.  Since HYPNOS is also a software developer and OEM manufacturer, customers have the advantage of working with a firm that can create fully custom applications, as well as unique therapeutic and sensuous bio-immersion systems including in vivo Virtual Nature technologies. 


The Hypnos API allows complete functionality within multiple applications such as Unreal Engine, Unity and web-based systems including standard web browsers. Licenses for Hypnos Software Development Kit (SDK) are also available for qualified organizations. 

Hypnos VR Scentphony bio-immersion vr navigation room screenshot

Interactive nature environments with dynamic elements such as moving clouds, windblown wavering grasses, flowers with birds, etc. are just some examples of Hypnos's capabilities for creating world-class life-like interactive virtual environments.

Dynamic Hyper-realistic Virtual environments
Interactive Virtual simulations & VR training
VR-training-interactive-assemby-of parts

Cinematic Virtual Reality and Virtual Travel

VR assembly training

Full Factory VR creation with all mechanical parts and live physics and  realtime VR employee training

VR interactive product simulation with active physics

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